Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Guidelines
Activity Report Template (Download)
Alcohol Policy at PEO Events
Annual General Meeting (AGM), Chapters


Best Practices: Hosting a Curling Bonspiel
Boundaries, Regional
Business Cards and Name Badges Price List
Business Cards Order Form (Download)
Business Planning Guidelines 2016
Bulletin, Fall 2018


Campaigner Quick Guide
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Chapter Training
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Chapter Training Plan
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Guidelines for Chapters
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Express Consent Template (Download)
Certificates of Appreciation
Certificate of Appreciation Form
Certificate Ceremony Expense Claim Form Invoice and Reimbursement Form (Download)
Certify – Create an Account
Chapter Administration and Governance
Chapter Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Chapter Business Cards and Name Badges Price List
Chapter Business Cards Order Form (Download)
Chapter Committees
Chapter Election Guidelines
Chapter AGM election process, 2021
Chapter Essential Purposes
Chapter Executive Template-(download)
Chapter Expense Reimbursements
Chapter Financial Manual
Chapter Leaders Conference
Chapter Names
Chapter Scholarships and Fundraising Guidelines
Chapter Scholarship Payment Request Form (Download)
Chapter Scholarship Certificate (Download)
Chapters’ Social Media Accounts
Chapter Training May 4 2019
Checklist for a Conference or Symposium, Example (Courtesy of Lakehead)
Communications Policy-Pertaining to Chapters
Communications Policy-PEO
Council Manual
Curling Bonspiel, hosting, best practices


Duties and Responsibilities of Chapter Executives


EDU Special Project Application Form (Download)
EDU Special Project Funding Guidelines
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form
Engineering Dimensions, publication deadlines
Engineering Related Films
Essential Purposes and Common Activities of a Chapter
Eventbrite Request Form
Events, Guideline on Invitations to Chapter
Excerpt of the PEO Communications Policy Pertaining to Chapters
Executive List Template (Download)
Expense Reimbursement Policy (updated May 15, 2021)


File Retention Schedule
Chapter FAQ document


GLP Business Cards and Name Badges Price List
GLP Business Cards Order Form (Download)
Guideline for Chapters on Inviting PEO Council Nominees to Chapter Events
Guideline on Invitations to Chapter Events
Guideline to the Required Experience for a Limited Licence in Ontario


Harassment Policy


Insurance Certificate Request Form (Download)
Invoice and Reimbursement Approval Form (Download)
Invitations to Chapter Events, Guidelines


Licensure Assistance Program (LAP)
License Certificate Ceremony Expense Claim Form (Download)


Maps – Southern Ontario
Map – Northern Ontario
Manual – SharePoint User Guide for Chapters
Membership and Campaigner Information, August 2020
Minute Taking at Regional Congress Guide
Motions/Actions Flowchart


Name Badge Order Form (Download)
National Engineering Month (NEM) website


Online Leadership Module


PEAK Chapter Event Advertising Policy
PEO Anti-Workplace Harassment Policy
PEO Awards Programs
PEO Corporate Social Media Policy 2015
PEO Guidelines for Telephone Conferencing
PEO Logo Use Guidelines


Regional Congress Activity Report (Download)


Scholarship Terms of Reference and Guidelines
Chapter Scholarship Payment Request Form
Scholarship Certificate (Download)
SharePoint User Guide for Chapters
Social Media Accounts, Chapters
Social Media Best Practices Guide
Social Media Policy 2015
Speaker Application Request Form, Example (Courtesy of East Toronto)
Special Project Funding (RCC) Guidelines and Application (Download)


Telephone Conferencing Guidelines
30 by 30 – 2019 PEO Awareness Session for Chapters
Twitter to boost event engagement, how to


Use of PEO Logo Guidelines


Volunteer Appreciation Certificate Form
Volunteer Awards Programs


WordPress Quick Guide


Zoom Security – Best Practices